Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

For some reason I just love all things Halloween, well, except spiders and cobwebs!  We never Trick or Treated when I was a kid, there aren’t any houses around that are decorated but still I think this is such a fun time of year.

So now that I have got into this crafting thing in a serious way I just had to do some Halloween themed creations.  I usually give my staff Easter and Christmas gifts but this year they’ve got an extra treat with some fun witchy gift bags full of Oreos.

I have to admit straight up that I scraplifted these from the Simply B blog – go check our hers, it is simply awesome.  We don’t get many varieties of Oreos here in Australia so I went with strawberry and chocolate ones, not quite as eye-catching as the mint (green) ones Betty used.

I cut the witch’s shoes from the Happy Hauntings Cricut cart – that is my most used cart to date and I love it!  There wasn’t a huge selection of Halloween fabric at my local fabric store and I think I should have gathered it first but also miscalculated how much I’d need (I made 13 of these bags) so had to ration it.  I also ran out of my sparkly black ribbon so had to raid my stash, hence the purple on this one.  But with all that aside, I think these are super cute for a Halloween treat.

I also made gift tags, I used the themes from the SBS 13 Days of Halloween challenge.  Unfortunately I was late starting so I didn’t get to enter the challenges but I’ll be posting them up one each day for the next 14 days.  I’ll miss a post on Saturday as I’m off bush to attend a Halloween party friends are throwing.  I’ve always wanted to dress up like Morticia Addams, check out this great video if you need a Morticia costume, a little sewing ability and it turns out looking amazing.

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  1. Elizabeth that is awesome, I love the web fabric at the top. Great job


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