Wednesday, 19 December 2012


This post is a special one in memory of the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  You don’t have to be an American, you don’t have to be a parent, you don’t have to have ever lost anyone you love to be saddened by and feel sympathy for the families of those who lost their loved ones in the tragic events; you just have to be human.

I cannot begin to imagine the pain of the families who, instead of wrapping presents and putting up decorations, are burying their children, their mothers, wives, sisters.  When tragedy of this kind happens to us, it is not the big things that help us heal but time and lots of little things.  So when I read Betty’s post about sending a card I knew I had to do so.

Betty was so moved by the tragedy that she created this beautiful angel and not only made her own card with her but is sharing it with all who want to make one also.  Check out her blog to get all the details.  If you are crafty please make one also, if not then when you’re doing your last minute Christmas shopping add a card for the families to your shopping and, if you can, donate to one of the memorial funds established to help them.

Here is the card that I made and have sent to let the families know that even half way round the world they’re in people’s thoughts.  There is a flower for each of the 26 victims at the school.

Thanks for stopping by and please keep the families in your thoughts.  And, because tragedy can strike at any time to anyone, never miss an opportunity to tell those you love just how much you care about them.

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