Sunday, 2 November 2014

Dia De Los Muertos

There’s an awesome new release over at Simply B Stamps to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos in true Betty style and, being a Betty style celebration there are also some fun challenges.

Introducing first Dia De Los Muertos Betty, isn’t she simply gorgeous?

With this beautiful image your challenge is to do funky coloured streaks for her hair.  So get out your favourite hair colours and then go nuts with some funky streaks!

The second new release is Lenore Forevermore, a stunner with long hair.

If you’re using this lovely image then you need to get your sunglasses out as you’re going to be going neon colours.  Yep, the brighter the better.

Of course, Betty has been celebrating Dia De Los Muertos for years so there are other images from the vaults of Simply B Stamps and I’ve got the pretty Sugar Skull Trish on another card.

So if you want to use an older SBS image you can and for this challenge it’s anything goes, just make sure you use one of the Dia De Los Muertos images over in the SBS store (here’s a list for you Annierexia, Day of the Dead Alex, Sugar Skull Betty and Sugar Skull Trish)

Of course we’re hopping to help celebrate Dia De Los Muertos, so you should have come here from the awesome Mei’s blog.  If not, head back to the SBS blog to start from the beginning.  If you are on track then your next stop is the talented Miss Lisa’s blog.

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